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2015 MLB Predictions: Cincinnati Reds

2015 MLB Predictions: Cincinnati Reds

MLB Expert Pick Insiders reports that the way the Cincinnati Reds front office is handling the offseason is unsure of the direction they want the club to go in the future, having cut ties with Matt Altos and Alfredo Simon Au, but with Johnny Ceuta and Mike. If a leak saves a life. The Reds didn’t take any serious steps to improve the team, but they also didn’t go into 100 percent rebuild mode, letting everyone go and rebuild the farm system. So it may be difficult for the Reds to compete in the Central Division of the National League this season. They did little to improve this season, while the rest of the division made significant strides.

The Reds still have a pretty solid starting rotation as long as they can stay healthy. Johnny Ceuta is inconsistent at times, but should be a top-two pitcher in the rotation when the season begins.

Mike Lake and Homer Bailey were both guys

 who set the baseball world on fire when they entered the major leagues. Both had their struggles, but are now great pitchers in the big leagues. Even when healthy, they could both win 15 or more games for the Reds this season.

From the Bulls’ perspective, expect Cincinnati to have trouble again. If they’re leading in the eighth inning, they’ll count on Arnolds Chapman to close the door, but getting the ball in Chapman’s hands in the final inning will be a challenge, just like last year.

If the Reds are to make it to the NL Central this season will have to return to his MVP form. Last year was injury limited, so staying healthy is key for him. They are also looking for Todd Frazier to continue his strong season last year.

Much of the Reds’ success this season is simply

 due to the opportunity for their former stars to return to top-flight games. Brandon Phillips was dropped from the top of the team due to a decline in offensive pace. Jay Bruce showed a lot of promise in his first two seasons, but he’s coming off a year where he’s hit career lows in several offensive categories.

A lot will happen before the Cincinnati Reds become normal in the NL Central this season. Overall, they have the potential to be a great team, but they all need to stay healthy and return to form. With literally no indication or guarantee of that happening, our 사설토토 picks have the Reds last in the division, winning the game 69-75. They might surprise us all, but their current roster doesn’t fit the rest of the division. Baseball option experts expect the Reds to become sellers after the trade deadline and begin the rebuilding process.


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