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Advantages of AAA Membership Discounts for Seniors

Advantages of AAA Membership Discounts for Seniors

Do you know about the fantastic senior discounts offered by the AAA company? Every person who owns a car is required to get auto insurance. It will help you lessen the likelihood that a problem with your car may cause theft or damage. If you want to drive anywhere in the US or Canada, use AAA’s vehicle insurance program. In every state in the US, the renowned insurance company AAA provides its clients with top-notch insurance services. Read this article right away to learn more about the benefits of senior discounts from AAA.

Introduction about AAA

Incorporated in 1902, AAA now has over 1500 members from nine motorcycle organizations. After years of rapid expansion, AAA currently serves more than 61 million members with financial, insurance, travel, and vehicle services. In North America, AAA currently operates 32 auto clubs and more than 1,000 brand offices. With a more than 120-year history, AAA has been a pioneer in the field and a champion for secure transportation.

Introduction about AAA

Senior AAA Membership

Senior citizen discounts are available if you are a member of AAA. AAA has three membership tiers: Basic, Plus, and Premier.

The basic level membership: The Basic membership level is the most affordable choice for the majority of AAA life insurance carriers. You can take advantage of other features like member-only discounts and 24-hour roadside assistance.

The level of Plus Membership: You will gain access to all of the benefits of the Basic Level by choosing this Membership tier. Additionally, it provides advantages like free travel insurance and identity theft protection.

The Premier membership tier:

The finest protection and benefits are available when you choose the Premier membership level. You will have access to all AAA services and discounts, as well as concierge service and more, with this premium membership.

Advantages of AAA membership senior discounts

The five benefits listed below are available to senior AAA members:

AAA’s travel planning services:

The senior discount membership offered by AAA is great. The company sells printed maps, guidebooks, and online itineraries. They also provide discounts on housing, rentals, and activities in numerous places.

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AAA offers Emergency Roadside Assistance service: You can use the Emergency Roadside Assistance service regardless of your level of AAA membership. Roadside assistance is one of the most well-liked advantages of a AAA membership. AAA will send a tow truck to help you if your car breaks down, has a flat tire, runs out of gas, or has any other problem.

AAA offers Emergency Roadside Assistance service
AAA offers Emergency Roadside Assistance service

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– Insurance purchase discount: This information will answer your question, “Does AAA provide a senior discount on membership?” Yes, savings on life insurance, property insurance, auto insurance, and roadside assistance are available to AAA members. The discount varies based on your membership tier.

– Travel discounts: For customers who travel regularly, this AAA senior discount is fantastic. Hotel stays, cruises, and other travel-related costs can be reduced further. This will allay your anxieties about saving money while on vacation.

– AAA offers round-the-clock customer service. When they hear this message, many customers inquire, “Is there a senior discount for AAA membership?” In fact, 24/7 customer support is accessible to AAA members for assistance with anything from planning a trip to filing an insurance claim. Anywhere you may be, AAA is always ready to help.

How much does it cost to join AAA?

Depending on the membership level you choose, the cost might range from $50 to $200 per year. A basic membership typically costs $50, whereas a premium membership may cost up to $200. You may locate AAA membership discounts for seniors on coupon websites like, allowing you to make even bigger financial savings.

If you are a AAA member, you can benefit from a variety of senior discounts. In reality, a number of insurance companies offer discounts of up to 20% to AAA members. This can more than pay for your membership fees on their own.


An essay summarizing the advantages of senior AAA membership discounts can be seen above. You should be able to select the appropriate AAA membership level after reading it.

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