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Artificial grass construction, market potential

Artificial grass construction, market potential

The carpet industry dates back hundreds of years, but there are only a few qualified tufting companies dedicated to artificial turf; many can be found here in North.

The construction of buy artificial turf  for sports fields, golf applications and landscape projects is a constantly growing industry. Volumes could increase to 140 million square feet this year, up 40% from 2005 (est. 2007).

After the explosion of the playground market 5-6 years ago,

 Where sales almost doubled overnight, the industry as a whole is growing at a healthy 15-20% per year. According to a study published by AMI Research in 2006, the growth rate of the artificial grass market has remained stable for more than 4 years, a growth factor of 30-40% in the new off-road and leisure sports market.

According to a spokesperson for Dow Chemical, makers of synthetic turf components, support materials, aggregates and finished products; Synthetic turf sales account for about 5% of annual US carpet sales.

Dramatic growth outside of the familiar sports market

 Metaphor and consumer demand for wider outdoor and a leisure exercise option has expanded availability and the development of new product lines.

augmentation and improvement of known fiber manufacturing and texturing processes used in the carpet industry; Artificial grass yarns and fibers are made to give a realistic feel and natural color; Extra UV protection, anti-static, anti-microbial, anti-flame and non-slip. Take a photo tour of yarn and fiber production at ASGI

Like many industries today;

 Artificial grass is produced, packaged, grown and sold by several companies under different brands and delivered to local and regional markets through specialized solution providers, retailers and distributors in a complex network of market partnerships or where competitors support each other. The next day.

Factories produce their own types of synthetic grass based on the type of looms and finishing equipment they use, but system integrators come up with creative ways to make it natural. Incoming durable goods can be delivered to a niche market.

Responsible for over 90% of all artificial turf installed on the planet,

 Playground manufacturers and system integrators have driven the design and specification of the artificial turf market since the early 1960s. His clients’ ideas and needs guide the lawn styles, colors and textures available.

These systems are branded and sold under a number of nationally recognized names, and are often sold through experienced, professional artificial turf installers. Recognized value added builders and traders and brokers. Some brands only sell online or through landscape and building supply centers. Some system integrators organize their offerings into franchise partnerships and others into protected reseller or distributor territories.

Just a few years ago, business development outside

 the profitable and reliable game market was almost non-existent. In the residential and commercial (B2B) markets, you’ll see little product awareness, recognition or corporate branding campaigns. further investing in channel development; Many are exploring cooperatives, rebates, covenants, or strata programs to include a plan that includes the use of the landscape and recreation area as a viable development market; as well as some others, such as the use of airports, public construction projects and public and private kindergartens. For more information visit our website

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