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Biomechanical Running Analysis London

Biomechanical Running Analysis London

This information is always important, as no matter how long you have been running, knowing your running style plays a crucial part in selecting the right shoes. Some people think that they have run a certain way all their life and therefore, it is impossible to change their running gait. While it may take some consistent work over a period of time, you can change your running gait. We will be able to make changes to your running style in the clinic with cues, drills, and mobility or muscle activation exercises.

The London Podiatry Centre uses in-shoe pressure sensors to assess and measure force, pressure and timing. The system allows us to determine whether conditions of the foot relate to abnormalities in force and pressure. It also allows us to look at gait efficiency in a more general sense by optimising factors such as the centre of pressure, the force time relationship and other “kinetic” variables. As a long time friend and colleague of Profeet, we’re delighted to feature Iain in our Ambassador Hall of fame. An experienced marathon/ultra runner and skier, Iain will completed the UTMB in August 2022 and continues to compete in Triathlons internationally. 3 Running shoes or other footwear are charged separately and not included in the appointment cost.

Degree Running Analysis London

We analyse key movement patterns which enables us to create the best solution we can, using custom insoles, selected footwear and strength and conditioning advice. We are fanatical experts in running shoes and work closely with shoe manufacturers to select the best possible range of running shoes for our customers. Do you suffer with bruised toes, blisters or black nails?

West Londoners are well-served by Sporting Feet, with stores in Putney and Richmond. It stocks a range of footwear, including most major brands, as well as accessories and insoles. Both stores also offer free in-store gait analysis using sophisticated digital-scanning equipment. Gait analysis provides runners with essential information about their running style.

Achieve A Natural And Relaxed Running Style!

You may run seriously and competitively.You may run for enjoyment, good health and as a natural part of being human. Or you may see running simply as an aspect of your sport or fitness regime. Whatever your reasons you should acknowledge that running is a movement skill. Like all skills the skill of running needs ongoing refinement, maintenance and for many of us further development.

Fantastic business – great advice and no pressure sales. They just help you find the right product for you with a great range of products. Be the first to hear about new products, exclusive events and online Running Analysis in London offers. Pronation is the normal movement of the foot when it strikes the ground during walking or running. The movement is a roll from the outer part of the heel to the inner side of the foot and big toe.


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