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Brahmin Matrimony Traditions & Rituals That You Should Know

Brahmin Matrimony Traditions & Rituals That You Should Know

When we think of marriage, the first thing that springs to mind is a realistic and larger-than-life wedding site design, delectable meals, and fun and lively rituals. Brahmin matrimony is more austere in tone than other Hindu wedding traditions. Brahmin marriages are packed with chants and prayers in which both the bride and groom participate and seek blessings from the almighty.

To be more specific, brahmin weddings are a series of ceremonial activities based on Hinduism with underlying meanings. Though old and traditional, Brahmin matrimony is still popular because individuals typically observe wedding customs. Let’s take a peek at what to expect at a Brahmin wedding.

Siddhant ceremony

The priest or panikar will analyze the panjis of the families throughout this ceremony. After this ritual, the real brahmin matrimony begins. The panjikar accepts the wedding of a Brahmin bride and husband at this procedure. The marriage date is set on this day by both families according to the Maithil panchang, or lunar calendar.


This event is also known as Roka, which means “engagement ceremony.” However, Brahmin households refer to it as the Nischaithambul ritual. In front of family and relatives, the Brahmin bride and groom exchange rings. Usually, most families prefer to wait a month between the engagement ceremony and the wedding.

Naandi Pooja

Ten days before the wedding, both the bride’s and groom’s families gather at their respective homes or temples to undertake special prayer sessions known as the Naandi Pooja.

The main goal of this ceremony is to seek God’s blessings. In addition, this is also the most joyous occasion that families celebrate. The bride and groom in Brahmin matrimony will be dressed classically and may not wear much jewellery.

Yedur Kansani

The girls from both households attend this event. Firstly, they held this ceremony to foster healthy and strong bonds between the members of the two families. The ladies of the bride’s family greet and welcome the women of the groom’s family with haldi and kumkum.


The Uradha-moorthu ceremony, one of the most significant rites, strengthens the tie between the bride and husband.

In addition to the ritual, the Brahmin bride and groom grind the moong dal together on a stone. They accomplish this with the assistance of the bride’s unmarried relatives and sisters.


Mehendi is one of the most enjoyable Brahmin wedding ceremonies. The Mehendi ceremony is held just one day before the wedding. Then they’ll apply Mehendi to the hands of all females in the bride’s and groom’s families. After that, the bride smears beautiful mehndi patterns on her hands and feet to complete her bridal attire. In addition, the Mehendi ceremony is an auspicious occasion since it represents marriage. The family’s ladies sing and dance to traditional folk melodies. This ceremony is all about having a good time.


On the morning of the wedding, the bride’s family’s female members meet to apply Haldi (turmeric) paste on the bride’s face, hands, and feet. A similar thing happens at the groom’s house.

Welcoming Groom

Firstly, the ceremonial Brahmin marriage ritual begins with welcoming the groom to the wedding place. The females of the bride’s family greet the Brahmin groom as he enters, while the bride’s friend greets him with sandal paste. After completing the ritual wash, the groom changes into his wedding dress.

Gauri Pooja

During the Gauri puja, the Brahmin bride makes a special petition to goddess Gauri, asking for her grace for a happy and fruitful married life.


In front of the sacred fire, the bride and groom sat together. Then they’ll sit in front of the holy fire to worship Lord Agni. The kanyadan ritual follows, in which the father of the bride places his daughter’s hand in the groom’s palm, expecting him to accept care for her. In front of the fire, the priest sings sacred mantras.


The Brahmin bride and groom go through seven rounds of the sacred fire in this particular rite. After the seven rounds, the groom wraps the mangalsutra around the bride’s neck and places the sindoor on her forehead.

These are the traditions and ceremonies of a Brahmin Matrimony. If you are looking for a perfect Brahmin bride or groom for your Brahmin wedding. Try using the best marriage site to find your soulmate.


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