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Competitive SEO Services Competitive SEO

When a company implements a search engine optimization program, either in-house or outsourced to SEO services, (to be fair) a lot of attention is paid to the company’s website. This is one aspect that has a sense of control: When a site is released into the wild, the company needs to see how it compares to all the other sites out there, or other sites using best small business SEO companies.

In addition to the changes made to the company’s website, the company and its SEO service, if used, believes that it has no control over what appears in search engines. However, this is usually not the case. Basically, you or your SEO service can directly influence search engine results by tracking your competitors and reporting them to the major search engines if the SEO techniques used on their external websites don’t work. This is called ethical SEO. (“Ethical SEO” has become a common phrase to describe white-collar techniques, which is the term I’ll be using throughout the article.)

Main competitor

To begin with, let’s define the competitors. Nearly every company has less than five other companies that are considered major competitors – selling the same products and services, being the same size, etc. It is important to monitor the SEO efforts of these competitors (or lack thereof) and whether they regularly use competing SEO techniques. If they haven’t hired their own SEO services or started doing SEO internally, you can rest easy knowing that using this channel is yours now. If your customers are running SEO ads, with or without an external SEO service, you can learn more about their sales and marketing strategies by analyzing the keywords they are targeting. You can also ask if they use SEO techniques in their ads.

Your online competitors

It is important to remember that endless searchers will decide between you and the main competitor you list. They will consider any company that meets their specific needs and come in their research time. That’s why you should extend your online competitor search to any company that offers a product or service like yours that outperforms yours for whatever keyword you’re looking for. If your in-house staff or SEO service not only monitors your search engines, but also researches the companies that appear above you in search results, you often recognize a key competitor you didn’t know before: your content. Competitor’s morning


This brings us to the main topic of SEO. Search engine optimization is a new concept for many companies. Even the most reputable companies can make mistakes in this area either by choosing the wrong SEO services or by trying to hire SEO services with good but unqualified people. For example, the German BMW website was recently removed from the Google landing page usage index – not an intended SEO-focused approach. This is because you are also not protecting your competitors from abuse.

Bad planning

There are well-known examples of established companies hiring SEO services that put them in a worse position than when they first started SEO – for example, having their websites removed from the major search engines for violating the engine’s terms of service. Not long ago, there was a good example where many Las Vegas SEO services customers were penalized. Almost all customers say they have not been informed that the company does not do SEO fairly and is therefore dangerous. For more information visit our website


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