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Damage to plants from thunderstorms

Damage to plants from thunderstorms

Trees are often thought to add value and beauty to properties. For this reason, many owners spend a lot of time and energy taking care of their lawn, including landscaping. Despite our best efforts, sometimes things beyond our control destroy the very things we try so hard to protect. Contains horizontal trees. Lightning is one of the unpredictable elements that damage plants. Perhaps the most prominent Austin TX tree trimming at risk during thunderstorms is height. As most trees grow tall, they attract more lightning. Other factors that increase plant susceptibility to lightning are size and location. Large trees are formed which are large. The bigger the tree, the more likely it is to be struck by lightning. In addition, trees that stand alone or without neighboring trees are also targeted by lightning. This applies to natural or man-made bodies of water and plants near energy sources or metals. Water tower.

Symptoms of lightning damage to a tree can vary widely.

 Some of the more obvious and serious lightning damage can include burning or exploding a tree. It’s not clear, but in extreme cases there may be trees with clearly visible burns. Depending on the intensity of the traffic, the wood can be severely damaged internally; the effect is not immediately recognizable. It can take months to know the true extent of the damage, and unfortunately that knowledge can come with the death of the tree after a significant expenditure of time, energy and resources.

Minor cycling accidents can involve flat tires or broken legs. But even minor lightning damage can cause serious problems. For example, oak blight has recently become a widespread disease affecting many oak trees in Austin, Texas. This disease is caused by fungi that feed on the sap of oak trees that are above ground, just under the bark. As a result, the fodder plants became infected with bombs, which eventually cut off the plant’s water supply. Therefore, the plant dies because it cannot transport food to sustain itself.

If an oak tree has been damaged by lightning

 Including loose bark, broken branches, or any other injury that can open the sap to insects that can spread disease. An Austin tree surgeon should be contacted for immediate assistance.

If a tree on your property has been struck by lightning, there are several things you can do to help it recover from a lightning strike. First, it is important to reduce high anxiety. Watering the plant in dry weather should be considered, especially during droughts, as lightning can disrupt water transport. Fertilizer may be recommended, but the grower should be consulted to determine the amount required for the particular species. In some cases, trees can also be protected from lightning by using vehicles. This can be very useful for tall trees or trees of historical significance. As always, contact Austin Tree. For more information visit our website


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