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Fascinating Facts You Need To Know About Folding Doors

Fascinating Facts You Need To Know About Folding Doors

A home is a place not just to stay, it’s also a place to return to and relax after a hard day at work. Home décor is as much about keeping in mind the people who visit you as well as your guests. Some people might want a more conventional look while others prefer something that is unconventional yet vibrant.

 When you decide to renovate or remodel your home, there’s no doubt that doors are a key component. A door can make or break the vibe of a space: it sets up expectations and gives a first impression – whether good or bad. And since you don’t get to make a first impression twice, opt for a matchless door design – folding sliding doors

 Folding doors have been around even before they got the name ‘bi-fold’. But today, they are better known as “folding doors” and are used in homes, offices and commercial buildings to create more space. There are many folding sliding doors that you can choose from, and one of them is the bi-fold door which incorporates two doors into a single structure through runners. These runners are attached to every panel, so they can slide and fold with your pulling action. The result? We get to witness grace and elegance in tandem with space-efficiency!

Folding Doors Have a Long History

You might have assumed that folding doors are a modern trend, but on the contrary, their revolutionary existence popped up somewhere in the first century AD. Cities of the prehistoric Roman and Greek empires used to have folding doors in their entrances. Even the Egyptian tombs had basic bi-fold mechanisms. As glass wasn’t available during those times, their surface was purely constructed out of wood or concrete.

 Since the process of opening and closing a folding door can be quite tedious, you get the choice of adding an extra layer of a two-paneled door, also known as a traffic door. It adds two important features to the folding door, namely, time-efficiency and safety. This was done by introducing a half-quarter treadle that comes with a safety lock at the bottom in addition to the catch-bolt locks at both ends.

 The impact of a standard folding door can be judged easily by the fact that it’s the largest number of doors the average person sees during their lifetime. This is because you don’t just have to open and close a door, but also keep it from slamming shut on your fingers.

 One of the most important features of a folding door is its security, especially when it comes to keeping you safe at home or in your office. In terms of safety, a traffic door added to a folding door can guarantee double-layered security. There is always the possibility of intrusion and theft during the wee hours. Adding an extra layer of protection confirms that the interiors remain safe and secure.

Folding Doors Can Fit Anywhere

 Bi-fold doors can be placed at the corner of a room, in different walls, or even inside. This flexibility allows you to use these doors in any location and for whatever purpose you want. The versatility of upvc sliding doors is exceptional. Their space-saving capability allows you to incorporate a folding door mechanism anywhere, be it a residential property or a commercial one. Even inside these two verticals, there are several places where bi-fold doors are used and widely accepted.

Folding doors have become popularly known as bi-fold doors due to their ability to open and close. They can be used as a cupboard door, shower door, window, bedroom door, closet door, etc. All these doors are made up of several panels that can be opened and closed for better air circulation. Apart from this, the transparency features of folding doors help in giving you proper lighting throughout your residences. This also grants you an excellent view of your surroundings as well as gives you a clear view of the outside world.

Folding Doors Facilitate Energy-Efficiency

Folding doors, when installed with low-E or heat-reflective glass, facilitate proper thermal insulation. A well-structured folding door does not allow the outside temperature to determine the temperature of the interiors. This allows for comfort and better living conditions. Heat-reflective glass ushers in heaps of daylight but blocks unwanted heat of the sun, thereby, maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures. This reduces energy consumption and energy bills from last year.

Folding doors can be a great addition to your home’s security. They provide the extra reassurance of safety while still allowing you access to the rest of your house. However, this function is highly dependent on proper installation of the glass with the door frame. This is why you should always trust reliable fenestration experts for folding sliding doors.


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