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Four things musicians and artists can do to befriend them

Four things musicians and artists can do to befriend them

Creating a friend group can be an art in itself. If you want to fill out your team as you play, you can add some playable parts almost identical to the original. We all play covers like that. They are interesting and accessible because they are so recognizable.

But sometimes you want to make a friend group really special. You want to make it your own. You want to treat it as if you had written it down, and you want to breathe new life into it.

And why not? Some of the best covers ever recorded did just that.

 Joe Cocker’s version of the Beatles story “A Little Help From My Friends” is a classic. Coker completely reinvented the song to give it a feel. It appeared to have been completely gutted and rebuilt, with only the subtlest traces of the original still intact.

There are many solid covers that have reinvented the original. Another big highlight was a cover of Marilyn Manson’s Eurhythmics’’ “Sweet Dreams.” Let’s see how Manson created them himself, so you can take the same approach when reinventing your covers.

I recommend checking out both the original version of Eurythmic and the Manson cover art on YouTube. If the Marilyn Manson version is too extreme for you, I’ll watch it. But that’s his style. And what we’re talking about here is making an existing story in our own style. So let’s see what he did.

Voice transmissions

One of the biggest changes between the two bands is the choreography. The simplicity of Marilyn Manson’s version is that he sings the song as he usually would. I’m not impressed with Annie Lennox. He didn’t try to change what was the old version of the song. When he sings, he sings.

If you want to do a cover yourself, you have to sing it with your voice. Don’t be impressed … unless you’re an Impressionist, of course, then maybe this article isn’t for you.

In previous articles, I talked about blending emotions with your lyrics. This is an important part of call exchange. Manson said he covered the song because the lyrics were so dark. It fits her style. When he sings the words, they sound dark because that’s how he brings the music. The lyrics were important to him, so he could easily relate to emotions.

A change of pace

Another change Manson made in his version was the decision to downplay the original. Changing the tempo of a song can have a huge impact on the mood of the song.What he did was good for him. The slow pace of the story fed the thrilling darkness he was looking for. If he kept the pace on par with the original, most of that darkness would have disappeared. Time is of the essence. Determine the mood of the song and adjust the volume accordingly.

Add the lyrics to the song

Making your own song can be a good move if you add some relevant lyrics. Sometimes it’s as simple as Atari’s updating Don Henley’s song “Boys of Summer” with the line “I saw a black flag sticker on a Cadillac.” He used “Black Flag” as a new proxy for “Deadhead.” Check out the lyrics to both versions of “Sweet Dreams”:

  • Some of them want to use you
  • Some people would like to get used to it
  • Some of them want to abuse you
  • Some of them tend to be angry

Later in the song, Manson adds the line “I want to use you and abuse you” to play in the first chorus. He suggests that this is what the choir is saying when they say, “SOME OF THEM WANT TO USE YOU.” This is a huge reversal of what was said in the original pagalworld mp3



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