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Four Tips to consider as you Plan for a Room Addition at your Alhambra Home

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Know about some important things as you intend to add a room to your current residence.

The home remodeling companies at your place in Alhambra have expanded their service portfolio and an important offering is a room addition. Are you someone who has to handle the problems of a growing family at home? The home where you stay was perhaps constructed years ago and the layout was based upon the needs of that era. Lately, there have been additions to the family, but the square footage area has been static. This is where the mismatch has been created. You could be cramped for space and plenty of thoughts could be doing the rounds. You could be thinking of shifting to a new home, but with skyrocketing property prices, this thought is tough to execute.

A room addition should help to solve the situation to some extent. This way you need not have to shift residences and can continue to live in this same home. As you are on the verge to add to the home, one of the priorities will be to appoint a contractor for the job. These constructions are never the job of a novice and it is best to have a professional by your side. It is alongside there are some important tips that you must focus upon for a smooth construction. Here are the details for readers.

You must have a plan in place

It is before the construction, that there is a need to have a plan in place. What purpose will this new room addition serve? It could be a kitchen space, bathroom, or general living room. You must have a proper idea and convey it to the contractor on your project site. There is also a need to work out a proper schedule for the work. There will be plenty of dirt, and debris to handle during the work. The situation is not ideal if there are sensitive people at home. This is the reason why you must draw up a schedule and insist that they stick to it.

Understand the finances to be spent on the project

Once the plan is in place, you need to discuss the spending on the project with the contractor team. At the end of the work, they will place a bill and you must have an idea of the spending. You can always seek a free remodeling estimate from Queen Remodeling for a room addition, but it would be difficult for the contractor to discuss specifics for electrical & plumbing work. The key will be to set aside some cash to meet unforeseen expenses and this way there will be no disruptions to the work.

You must seek permits

A room addition is a big project and even before a brick is laid, one will have to seek a permit from the municipal authorities. There is a need to submit a plan to the authorities for a sanction. Only once they give the signal, you can start the work. This part is complicated and the contractor team on your project site should help you out.

Take measures not to disturb the neighbors

The work will involve some noise and you should take measures not to disturb the neighbors. You can discuss this with your immediate neighbor and take him/her into confidence so that, they do not complain.


Here we have discussed four tips that you must ponder over before making plans to add rooms to the home. The project offers plenty of benefits but is capital intensive. Some accurate planning will help you to achieve the end purpose smoothly and you will now have space to stretch out.


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