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Get a Connecticut Driver’s License

Get a Connecticut Driver’s License

When can I apply?

You cannot apply for a Connecticut driver’s license before the start date shown on your visa application (for example, Form I-20 or DS 2022). You must have an I-94 record. If you completed the courses that cleared you for F-1 Optional Training (OPT), J-1 Academic Training (AT), you can apply for a CT driver’s license for the approved period of your OPT, or AT, but not before starting. Applicants whose status expires in less than 12 months may have difficulty applying for a permit. This is at the discretion of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Request an application number

A National Service Number (BSN) is required to apply for a CT Driver license. Instructions for applying for an SSN are available on the OISS website. If you are not eligible for a US Social Security Number (SSN), you can go to the Social Security Administration (150 Court Street, 4th Floor) and get a letter from them stating that you are not eligible for your SSN. Submit this form to the RDW when applying for a CT driver’s license

What you need to know about applying for a driver’s license

Citizens of Canada, Germany or France

Residents of Canada, Germany and France who have a valid driver’s license can transfer their country’s driver’s license to a CT driver’s license using the same procedure in reverse.

Visit the CT DMV website.

On the RDW website you will find the latest information on what is required to apply for a driving license (and other procedures, such as vehicle registration). You should come to RDW fully prepared, with everything listed/required. The DMV campus is located in scannable fake id Pennsylvania.

  • Match name and date of birth
  • Make sure your name and date of birth match ALL documents.
  • If there is no email notification, it may delay the processing of your request.

Before the DMV allows international applicants to complete the application process, they must be verified against the government database. This process is affected by government delays in capturing international visitor arrival information, which can range from hours to 30 days.

It depends

Partners wishing to apply for a fake id in new jersey must meet all requirements listed on the RDW website. Additionally, it is strongly recommended that primary care providers follow up on RDW dependents and their documentation.


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