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Holistic dentists require white composite fillings

Holistic dentists require white composite fillings

Holistic professionals care about the overall well-being of the human body. Holistic medicine pays special attention to all factors that may contribute to an individual disease. For example, comprehensive Dentistry performs general dental procedures to solve problems, but also investigates the root causes of these problems. Eating habits, sleep and other individual features of human anatomy are studied to reveal the root causes of oral hygiene problems.

Compare the general dental approach to cavities with the holistic dentist.

 A general dentist diagnoses the problem, uses tools to remove plaque and bacteria, and fills cavities. A holistic dentist is sure to meet all of these requirements; however, other factors are also tested to determine why a patient developed a cavity. In order to find out the causes of the problem, the history of the dentist near me, the composition of the acid in the mouth, eating habits and possible ways of grinding the teeth, etc. are studied. In this way, comprehensive dental care is more comprehensive and more proactive in preventing future dental problems.

Looking for a safe and natural dentist?

 Below are six things you should look for in biocompatible and holistic dentistry.

1. Removal of mercury. A natural dentist follows the principle of safe removal of mercury fillings. Mercury should never be put inside anyone and your dentist should be prepared to safely remove these nasty, toxic and destructive fillings. All dentists can remove old silver/mercury fillings, but it is very important to do it correctly to avoid exposure to toxic mercury. The tooth must be protected from the rest of the mouth, and the patient and the entire office are protected from exposure to mercury with a special high-volume suction system. This is very important for everyone!

2. Biocompatible dental materials. Another goal is to offer metal-free dental care. Biocompatibility means that the dental restoration materials are the closest to natural or non-natural. These fillings, crowns and bridges look so natural you won’t know they aren’t your own natural teeth. They strengthen the teeth and extend their lifespan.

3. Environmental Board. The third goal is to create a healthy environment. A perfect dental office should be designed and built to be safe and non-toxic in every way. From wall tiles to paint and carpets, everything should be chosen so that they remove harmful chemicals and vapors and create a clean and safe environment. The holistic dental clinic is a fluoride-free and mercury-free environment.

4. Low radiation. Remember those old fashioned lead covers that the hygienist used to hide your x-ray? Times have changed. Modern digital X-rays produce low levels of radiation, less than one-tenth of traditional film X-rays. The dentist’s comprehensive computer system can send images directly to your insurance company or specialist via email.

5. Fresh water. Look for a biocompatible dentist who uses a patented water system treated with colloidal silver that delivers bacteria-free water to all chairs. The purified water that the hygienist uses to clean the teeth should be highly ozonized to promote gum health.

6. The highest quality. Dentistry is a profession. The main goal of any natural dentist is to provide quality care. Don’t settle for assembly line dentistry. Discover an artistic path to perfection that guarantees excellent results with restorations handcrafted in the dentist’s own laboratory and individually developed techniques. Everything they create for your mouth must do what they want it to do to create the healthiest and most esthetic result for you that will serve you well for years to come.


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