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How do you plan an event promotion campaign on Facebook

How do you plan an event promotion campaign on Facebook

Although you know almost everyone uses Facebook, how can you reach your target audience on Facebook? How can you convert online engagements into RSVPs for your events?

You must have a plan, just like any successful promotion strategy.

Before logging into Facebook, you can determine your audience, budget, and goal and create a posting strategy. Event-driven campaigns are time-bound. It is essential to plan and allow yourself ample time to prepare, monitor, and adjust as needed.

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Before you start planning, you must identify one or two top goals for your campaign. While a single dream is more likely to succeed, you can still achieve good traction with a strategy that includes two top-level goals.

A Facebook campaign’s top priority might be to increase ticket sales for an event. You might also want to raise awareness of your organization and generate donations. Regardless of your goals, the strategy’s foundation will support them.

Once you have established your primary goal for event promotion, it is time to narrow in on your target audience. This will help you achieve that goal.

Determining the audience

Many online resources can provide you with audience recommendations or parameters, but your Facebook page is the best place to get this information. Your audience insights can be found under the People tab of the admin section.

Based on the data, you can make strategic decisions about who your audience is. This page could show a mixture of men and women and lean towards the 35-44 age group.

It helps people feel connected to your message and the event by showing them photos of similar people. Your core audience will be less likely than teens to view the event and thus less likely to attend or engage if you choose images of them.


2019 will see that Facebook Pages’ organic posts are not being served to many of your followers. Some organic posts, such as video content or Facebook Live, will get more reach than shared links or images.

Paid promotion strategies can be a great way to reach your target audience. Facebook Ads Manager allows you to create audiences based upon specific criteria. You can also monitor the performance of ads for any strategies that are more successful than others.

Depending on your goals and your budget for event promotion, you might choose to promote organically or use paid ads.

How to create posts

Your audience, budget, and goal can influence your messaging and posting strategy. A little data mining can be done within Facebook Page Insights. This will allow you to determine what posts are most popular when they are active and other details.

For event promotion, video content is more effective than standard posts like photos and links.

Facebook video optimization tips

Try to aim for a duration of between 5-15 seconds.

It can work with or without sound (85% of users watched videos with sound off in 2016).

Design with a video ratio between 9:16 and 16:9

Limit the size of video files to not more than 4GB

Do not create a video thumbnail with more than 20% text

Consider your audience when choosing imagery or the tone of voice for the invitations and calls to action to get the best results. This applies to video posts as well as other images.

This is another aspect of the strategy that cannot be solved with a template. To determine your posting schedule, consider your audience data and the ability of your team to manage the process.

A Facebook campaign plan that is focused and strategic will help you promote your event online. To get the best out of your event promotion campaign, plan your top goals, audience target, budget, and posting strategy for at least 60-90 calendar days.


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