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How to Find a Voice in a Song

How to Find a Voice in a Song
A multi-Ethnic music group is performing on stage.

Everyone can sing and everyone has a characteristic sound signal – like a fingertip. Singing for the first time can be scary, and to find your voice, people must first let go of the fear of finding their voice. Here are some tips for singing to find your voice.

Do not compare your voice to the voices of singers you love. People are often frustrated with the songs they love and hear when they sing them for the first time on a background or with a musician. You may have been singing on a CD for years that you think are fun to sing, and you may be shocked or disappointed with the singer’s adoption. As a new singer, it is not fair to compare her to a professional singer or artist in this field. Consider the learning curve for other skills and musical instruments. You’ve probably slapped your hands and tapped your toes with the same songs – but can you expect the band to play drums if you’ve never rehearsed?

 Acquiring all the skills in life – not just music – requires

 Education and a lot of practice for most of us, the mortal. Many of us discover new skills like a bird in the water and have more gifts or natural abilities than others. Singing is no different. If you are not satisfied with the sound of your voice the first time you try, take a break and realize that you still have a lot to learn about reasonable expectations of yourself. When trying to find your singing voice, don’t compare yourself to other singers – especially professionals.

Relax – As mentioned above, it can be easier

 To relax if you are in the right mood. When you start singing, try to relieve tension so that you can find the most natural melodies you can create with your voice. Start creating a free and natural sound – it will keep your voice in good health. If you are familiar with it, you can learn other skills to develop healthy expression, strength, contrast and character.

Sing as much as you can – try a little

 Instruction or join a singing club or choir. Experiment with different styles, genres and bands to see what you like best – some styles may fall more naturally on you, enhancing your natural 풀싸롱 voice. The more you get used to singing, the more confident you become, the more relaxed and free your voice will be. As you practice singing, you will hear more of your natural singing voice.


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