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How To View Your Own Likes On Twitter

How To View Your Own Likes On Twitter

1) To discover your list of likes, or favorites, you need to be in your profile. To get there you could click on to your name on the left aspect of Twitter’s homepage one of these

Or, you may click on to your profile image in the top proper nook of the display screen. A drop down listing will appear and then you may click on on ‘view profile’ on the pinnacle.

2) At the pinnacle center of your profile, simply below your header photograph, you will see a row of tabs. The one at the far proper is called ‘likes.’ Click on that tab to view the whole lot.

Three) Scroll through your list of likes. The maximum recent one is at the pinnacle and you may scroll all of the way again to those which you favorited while you first began using Twitter.

Four) You can ‘unlike’ a tweet via clicking at the coronary heart icon again. If it is favorited, the heart will be red and will have more than a few to the right of it to expose what number of people have appreciated that precise put up typical.

You also can respond or retweet the submit out of your ‘likes’ list and retain on with an interaction.

How to View Your Own Likes on Twitter on an iPhone

According to research carried out via Twitter, cell customers spend more time at the platform than computing device customers.

In reality, they’re near eighty% more likely to check Twitter more than one instances according to day. Presumably, aside from tweeting, they’re leaving a trail of likes on their feed.

If you’re an iPhone user and need to check your likes, right here’s what to do:

Launch the Twitter app on your iPhone.

Tap in your profile image in the pinnacle left corner of the display screen.

When a menu appears, pick out “Profile.”

You’ll see 4 tabs: “Tweets,” “Tweets & Replies,” “Media,” and “Likes.”

Make positive to transport to the “Likes” tab.

You can now scroll through all of the tweets you’ve favored up to that factor.

The ultimate appreciated tweet appears on the pinnacle, and as you scroll, you could revisit tweets you’ve liked inside the beyond days, weeks, months, and even years. However, going that a long way can take a whole lot of time.

Can Other People See My Liked Tweets?

It might appear uncommon, but different Twitter customers can find your likes the identical way you do. A individual can visit your profile, choose the “Likes”

tab, and notice which tweets piqued your hobby.

Of direction, you can do the same – go to every person’s profile, and you may browse via their favored tweets. It’s a fairly obscure function that Instagram,

for example, removed a while in the past.

It can experience intrusive, and plenty of famous humans and politicians are becoming in problem that way earlier than.

Naturally, you could wonder if it’s possible to hide your liked tweets from the general public eye.

Your Twitter Likes Tell a Story

Viewing your personal Twitter likes can be quite an adventure, specifically if you’ve been the use of the platform for years.

The odds are you’ve forgotten approximately many first-rate tweets you’ve favored, and seeing them once more may prompt a feeling, reminiscence, or a laugh.

But it could additionally be sudden in case you stumble upon a favored tweet that appears stupid or inappropriate. Fortunately, unlinking a tweet is simple sufficient – simply faucet at the coronary heart button once again.

Also, remember that all and sundry can scroll via your preferred tweets except your profile is non-public. And you can analyze a factor or  approximately a person else by looking at their likes as properly.

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