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Is Lederhosen Buying Guide Any Good? Know the Essentials!

Is Lederhosen Buying Guide Any Good? Know the Essentials!

So, you’re buying lederhosen for the first time? There’s never been a better time to do it. Whether you’re looking for a lederhosen that will impress on your travels to Bavaria or simply searching for some fun items to add to your Oktoberfest collection, this article is here to help you make an informed decision.

Material of lederhosen

Authentic Bavarian lederhosen are always made from genuine leather. The name “lederhosen” means “leather trousers,” so if you see any that aren’t made of genuine leather, be sure to avoid them at all costs! Felt and other fabrics make for uncomfortable lederhosen that looks silly when worn. 

For the first-time lederhosen costume buyer, we recommend goatskin. This is soft leather, both aesthetically pleasing and aging well. Deerskin lederhosen are the most expensive option, but they offer a good value for money when you look at their longevity.

Goatskin is a type of leather, so it has the same weight and thickness as genuine leather, but it lacks the fine grain that buckskin has. Goatskin is just perfect for your first pair of gloves.

Essential design element 

A few simple elements have to be present on a pair of lederhosen, so if you don’t see any of these elements, it may not be real lederhosen. Your lederhosen must have:

  • It has a button-flap over the fly with embroidery detail.
  • one seam with one pocket on the right side
  • The lacing at the top of the rear can be tightened or loosened to provide a custom fit.
  • The outer thighs are decorated with a button-down or lace-up finishing, complemented by decorative stitching.
  • a leather pocket on the right thigh that holds a knife
  • Front and back waist buttons make adding or removing the braces easy.
  • Leather braces (suspenders) that come in either the “Y” or “H” shape.

Nowadays, lederhosen or Oktoberfest costumes are often sold with belts as braces aren’t currently fashionable, but an authentic pair will always offer to button for braces. The most common lengths are just over the knees to mid-thigh.

Color of lederhosen

If you are choosing a pair of lederhosen for the first time, we recommend opting for medium brown leather. This will coordinate with most colors, such as lighter-colored cotton shirts and socks.

Black leather can look very smart, and although it is not a color that everyone likes, there has been a noticeable growth in lighter ash and camel-colored leather goods. 

Brightly colored lederhosen are often worn by tourists, so be wary of them; an exception is stitching, which is often green, red, or blue. The best advice we can give you for your first pair of lederhosen is to stick to natural colors.

Sizing of lederhosen

Because most lederhosen are made in Germany, people often use a German sizing system when purchasing these garments. 

Standard sizes go up in two-inch increments from 44 to 60, where 44 corresponds with a 31-inch waist, 46 is a 32-inch waist, 48 equates to a 33-inch waist, and so on. 

When buying lederhosen, always try to get the size as close to your measurements as possible. Leave some room for movement, but not too much because the leather and the stitching stretch slightly when you first wear them, so they expand slightly. 

You can use the cords at the back of your lederhosen to tighten or loosen the waist as you put on weight (or lose weight, for that matter).

Where to buy traditional lederhosen?

Lederhosens has the perfect lederhosen for you, whether you’re looking for traditional Bavarian-style lederhosen, a classic lederhosen, or a more modern style. They even have lederhosen shoes to go with your lederhosen. Find your perfect pair, and then get ready to be the life of your own Oktoberfest party.

Shoes to pair with your lederhosen 

Once you are in the outfit, it still takes some work to look right. To make your outfit more accurate, you could get a pair of suspenders and a small lederhosen bag. These accessories really add a nice finishing touch to the general effect of your lederhosen costume. You can pair suede leather shoes with your lederhosen. Make sure the shoes you choose are comfortable enough so that you can hang on all day long in them. 

If you are going to wear lederhosen, be sure that you know what they’re made out of. Not all lederhosen are made the same, and there are a few different materials that the typical lederhosen is composed of. Yes, you can wear them with short boots, as well as tall boots. However, for some people, tall boots just aren’t comfortable enough to wear during the lead-up to Oktoberfest. 

Fortunately, there’s no need to worry if your choice in footwear will offend a Bavarian, as long as you make sure that your lederhosen are constructed from natural leather and not from synthetic materials! 


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