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Make easy money online working from home with this method

Make easy money online working from home with this method

Do you want to know how easy it is to make money online? If you are a beginner or even an expert looking for a real method to make serious money online 7 days a week with just 15 minutes a day then keep reading…

With this method, I will reveal to you that if you work and put in the effort, you can achieve a significant daily income. The income potential can be unlimited!

I would suggest you do this and work on

 it twice a week for at least 15 minutes to be consistent and see the money coming in. This method involves having your own website that gets highly targeted traffic coming from all over the internet. Mostly traffic from Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Here’s the trick… to use all the popular sites that the masses interact with. Anyway. Here for those who want to make their first dollar with something guaranteed to work? You need SENKAN:

1-You need a domain name,

2-You need a hosting provider

3. You need to do keyword research

4. You need to create a website

5. You need to monetize your pages with plugins and widgets

6. You must add content of value

7. You must include display advertising and affiliate offer on the pages

8 – You need to generate free traffic

Now I know what you’re thinking..

 That seems like a lot! Not really… Most of the 9 steps take less than 5-10 minutes to set up and when you’re done. The only thing that matters is sending traffic, that’s the easy part.

Most of you here will definitely understand the steps. There’s a really detailed step-by-step guide on how to set everything up with illustrations and screenshots and tutorials that show you how to do it from scratch. It’s available in the Amazon Kindle store, which I’ll share at the end of this article, so be sure to pick it up.

So basically you create your own website, all you have to do is use traffic sources to get visitors. Your website is basically a blog. Every post should have a catchy title and be well structured so that search engines can find it. I’ll start with step 5 because most people don’t need help with domain and hosting, but if you do, I suggest you get the full guide so you can get the whole tutorial from start to finish.

SO here we go.

Step 5 is that you need to monetize your pages with plugins and widgets. The following plugins are the ones you use on your blog site. Now that you have a working website blog, here’s what you need to do.

1- You need to add display advertising and affiliate offer to your pages

2. Join paid networks. I use AdSense and Amazon Affiliate

Now here are the ways to get free targeted traffic to your website.

Facebook – You join popular FB groups only related to your niche and share your post at least twice a week. Don’t share it every day, it will get deleted and people will think you are a spammer and report you to the mods.

Instagram – You also have an Instagram page for your niche market. You upload images depending on the niche and use the right hash tags to encourage visitors to like them. I use “quotes” on the pictures I share and app for removing watermark from video each picture with a link to the post I wrote about.

YouTube – Use a video editor and stitch together clips based on my niche and the topic of your blog posts. Without sharing full information in videos, just make small video information so that visitors will check your website later to learn more about what they just watched. Their redirection with a link is in the description of each video.

After setting up your display ad on your pages, play around with your ad placement to get the best CTR (click through rate) every post you use should sell something from, in my case I mainly sell books related to my content. Amazon is great because most people already have an Amazon account with credit card information saved for quick purchases, so it’s a friendly experience that makes people shop easily. In addition, it is one of the most trusted markets on the web. For more information visit our website


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