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Mixhubb vs Zuddl

Mixhubb vs Zuddl

There is no doubt that webinars are the most convenient and affordable way to reach a large audience and build brand awareness. But only if executed well and done on the right online platform. The right online platform can take your webinar to the next level and aids you in achieving your marketing and engagement goals. 

 Mixhubb and Zuddl are two such online event platforms that you can try for your upcoming webinars and online events. These two are the most trusted platforms by many national and international brands. These two platforms offer different features and satisfy different business needs.

So, let us quickly see the features of both online platforms.


Mixhubb is one of the most comprehensive platforms for planning, executing, customizing, managing, and promoting large-scale online events or webinars. This webinar platform is known for delivering high-impact virtual events that nurture leads and generate more revenue, thus optimizing ROI. Mixhubb ensures a memorable online experience for attendees, speakers, sponsors, and organizers.

Furthermore, Mixhubb is the best webinar platform for your less tech-savvy attendees, speakers, and sponsors, as it offers a simple and easy-to-use interface.  

Apart from the webinar, this online platform is best known for hosting online conferences, exhibitions, meetings, networking, town hall meetings, and professional studio.

Mixhubb is one of the leading webinar hosting platforms and is fully loaded with several modern features that make it the best choice for hosting webinars and online events.

No App Download Required: Mixhubb is a browser-based webinar platform, enabling users to run and attend the webinar directly from their browsers without downloading any extra bulky space occupying software.

Broadcasting Studio: Mixhubb provides exceptional quality live streaming broadcasting studio for hosting live events.

Scalable: Mixhubb lets organizers host events of any size without worrying about the number of attendees. Organizers can host webinars or online events with their desired number of attendees.

Customizable: Mixhubb enables users to customize the virtual venues, webinar content, registration page, and landing pages creating a seamless brand experience. Users can also add their brand’s colors, logos, and images to the virtual venues. 

Self-Manageable: Mixhubb is a self-manageable online platform. Users themselves can host, plan, manage, and monitor webinars and other online events. 

Multi-device Accessible: To attend webinars or online events on this platform, attendees do not need any specific device. Attendees can join the webinar from their desired locations and devices like desktops, laptops, and mobile phones.

Engagement tools: Mixhubb offers various dynamic features to keep attendees engaged. Chats, Polls, Q&As, and quiz help users reach their engagement goals and qualify organic leads. 

Networking Features: Mixhubb offers multiple networking features and opportunities to grow a personal and professional network. Mixhubb’s AI-powered interest-based matchmaking enables attendees with similar interests to connect in the most fun way. Networking Tables, Breakout Rooms, and group video calls are a few of its networking features. 

Recording: Users can record the complete sessions of the webinar, and according to the requirements those recorded sessions are used further. 

Robust Dashboard: Mixhubb has a powerful modern dashboard that allows organizers to gain clear insight into the audience’s journey, optimize ROI, and analyze real-time traffic and audience engagement. Based on this data, organizers can analyze their strategies and also work on the weaker section of the webinar.

Multilingual Translator: Mixhubb allows users to connect and reach global attendees without a language barrier. Moreover, this web-based platform also allows the organizer to host webinars and online events for specially-abled attendees using its tools. 

Secure: Mixhubb is one of the best webinar hosting platforms that provide enterprise-level security to host safe online events and transmit data without security concerns.

Other notable features of Mixhubb:

 Screen Sharing, Virtual Whiteboard, Handouts, Virtual Mics, CRM Integration, Personalized Demo, Customer Support 24*7, Attendee Footfall, Smooth Onboarding  Registration via social media Handles.


Like Mixhubb, Zuddl is also one of the best webinar platforms. Apart from the webinars, Zuddl lets you host online events of all types. Apart from online events, Zuddl is also known for hosting hybrid events. Zuddl offers a very quick and easy-to-use interface that is loved by most users. Zuddl lets organizers effortlessly manage the complete life cycle of online events. From the registration page to the execution and promotion of events, organizers can conveniently manage and monitor everything.

Features of Zuddl:

Customizability: Like Mixhubb, Zuddl is also a customizable platform, enabling users to customize everything. Zuddl lets organizers build custom-branded events in minutes. 

Drag and Drop Editor: Zuddl allows users to choose from its inbuilt ready- to use templates just by dragging and dropping elements without any training manuals. 

Networking Features: Zuddl offers features like AI Matchmaking, 1:1 live meetings, two-way networking, and a virtual briefcase to make more fun and effective networking.

Attendees’ Engagement Features: Like Mixhubb, Zudll also offers several engagement features to keep attendees hooked to the webinars. These features include chats, polls, Q&As, gamification, and breakout rooms. These tools also enable attendees to drive better collaborations and communications.

Data Analytics: Zuddl enables organizers to gain actionable insights into the online events by analyzing real-time traffic, attendees’ engagement, and buyers’ intent at your webinar.

Now that you know the main features of both best webinar platforms, let us quickly also see the pricing plans of both platforms.

Mixhubb pricing: Mixhubb offers a revolutionary unbeatable pricing structure. It offers three plans, the basic plan, growth, and enterprise plan. The basic plan is free, which means you can host unlimited webinars or online events at no cost that too for a whole month. After that, users can select further customized plans according to their needs. 

Zuddl Pricing: Unlike Mixhubb, Zuddl does offer free plans, it has only one plan.It costs $ 2,000 for a one-time purchase. Which could be a little expensive for small-scale businesses, freelancers, and startups.

So these were the two most reliable and trusted online event platforms. Although both platforms offer some similar basic features, the most prominent difference they have is their pricing structure. Therefore, we suggest you select an online platform that satisfies your business needs and suits your pocket. 

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