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Home Health POCT Kits: immediate results for COVID-19 Testing

POCT Kits: immediate results for COVID-19 Testing

POCT Kits: immediate results for COVID-19 Testing

Compared to current laboratory techniques, point-of-care testing tools offered by POCT companies like Wondfo will be able to identify the illness more quickly and at a cheaper cost. The advantages of point-of-care testing tools during the COVID-19 epidemic will be covered in this article.

The uses of POCT in COVID-19

The goal of POCT is to get the patient more involved in the examination. It can provide quick results during patient consultations that support how well clinical decision-making works. The benefits of POCT are particularly clear in the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Compared to laboratory PCR testing, the use of POCT speeds up the time it takes to get results and enhances infection control.

Advantages of POCT

POCT testing has several advantages. First, it’s fast. You can get test results within minutes of sampling. Second, POCT testing is easy. You don’t have to wait for lab tests to come back from the lab or have the results emailed to you. Third, the POCT test is reliable. The samples you collect with POCT tests are usually more accurate than those collected from traditional lab tests. Fourth, POCT testing is cost-effective. By using POCT testing, you can save money on lab tests and other diagnostic tools.


If you are concerned about your COVID-19 infection, consider using a Wondfo POCT kit for immediate results. It’s an easy and reliable way to protect your health and avoid costly late complications.


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