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Pokemon GO Raid Giratina Battle Guide: Best Counters, Weaknesses & Many More



Giratina is retorting with ALtered Forme for a limited-time character in five-star GO pokemon raid battles. Legendary Pokemon begetting with the start of the Pokemon annual Halloween events part 1.

Giratina Altered Raid Schedule

The raid schedule for the Altered Forme Giratina in Pokemon Go appears for only five-star raid bosses. Raid time starts on October 20, 2022, and will remain on November 1, 2022. There is no tight set scheduled to follow. However, Giratina raids appear randomly during the given time slot at Gyms. But a notification from a game will be delivered to you before the raid begins nearby.  

In this schedule, you can find the best chance to find Giratina Altered raid during raid hours, in the way Pokemon has featured. Moreover, every Wednesday between 6 to 7 PM, the Gyms majority will host five-star raids for trainers together to take the Giratina raid down. On October 26, Giratina Altered Forme is available to challenge for only one hour. You only need your free daily Raid Pass or a premium Battle pass to join in person this raid or Remote Pass to join this raid remotely.  

Giratina has a powerful legendary appearance in Pokemon Go. However, you can beat it with the best Pokemon in Battle. For the best Pokemon in Pokemon Go, you need to defeat them in a raid first. However, defeating Giratina is no easy feat. Luckily, we’ve got everything you need to win a Giratina Raid and catch this Legendary Pokemon.

How to Beat Giratina in Pokemon GO Raids

The reason being it is the Tier 5 legendary Battle for the raid. You need at least 5 of the best Pokemon Trainers with fighting techniques to beat Giratina in Pokemon Go. Consider 5 major weaknesses and seven resistance to defeat Giratina In Pokemon Go. 

Giratina Weaknesses

  • Dark
  • Dragon
  • Fairy
  • Ghost
  • Ice

Giratina Resistances

  • Fighting (Double Resistant)
  • Normal (Double Resistant)
  • Bug
  • Electric
  • Fire
  • Grass
  • Poison
  • Water

There is more resistance to Giratina with its damage percentage in Pokemon Go. The fighting and the normal damage to Giratina is 39%, while 63% damage against Giratina with other resistance types. 

Best Pokemon to Counter Giratina in Raids

Find the best pokemon appearances to defeat Giratina: Mega Gengar, Mega Latias, and Mega Latios. Consequently, learn how to earn those Pokemon currencies to induce more energy for Pokemon. However, Mega Genger is the best option for the Pokemon to defeat the Giratina. In these Raids, Giratina can be defeated with stronger Pokemon. Therefore, the fastest way to earn candy is Pokemon Go. This is the best way to power up the Pokemon (Mega Genger) before you start a Raid. 

Is There Shiny Giratina in Pokemon GO?

Yes, a shiny version of Altered Forme Giratina in Pokemon Go. It is already confirmed that shiny Altered Forme Giratina in Pokemon Go will be light blue and white color in the standard version. Here is the covered challenge to encounter a shiny Giratina In Pokemon Go. Altered Forme Giratina was incredibly designed and released in 2019. Therefore, the Trainer will have the opportunity to catch a shiny Giratina. Hence, you may have a higher chance of finding the shiny Giratina in the raid battle.   

Giratina Attacks

Giratina FormeFast AttacksCharged Attacks
OriginDragon * (Dragon Tail)Ghost * (Shadow Claw)Ominous Wind (Ghost)Shadow Ball (Ghost)Dragon Pulse (Dragon
AlteredDragon * (Dragon Breath)Ghost * (Shadow Claw )Ancient Power (Rock)Shadow Sneak (Ghost)Dragon Claw (Dragon)Shadow Force* (Dragon)

Note: Ensure to use the Pokemon Go IV filter to sort them easily when you catch multiple Giratina in a Battle raid. 

Types to Avoid

The most effective unique types are ghosts and dragons that Giratina can hit back to challenge them. Try to avoid these types of raids to survive against Giratina. Keep in mind that Girantian typing provides double resistance against Normal and Fighting-type resistance compared to other resistance types. 

Useful Tip

In a nutshell, a strong finishing move could be just what the Pokemon world’s devil needs to cement its distinction in both metas, as long as Niantic doesn’t make it unreasonably costly. Even without Shadow Force, Giratina Altered is worth counting to your rosters for Ultra and Master Leagues if you don’t already have it.

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