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Site Plan
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The site plan is to be classified in the group of building templates. It is also an important part of these templates, which are necessary as documents when a building application or other applications are made that, must be approved by building law.

What is the location map?

The essential meaning and purpose of a site plan is to show either the existing building plot or at least important content of the new building planning. This includes, among other things, appropriate spacer areas.

In practice, a distinction is made between the simple and the official site plan, which we will discuss in more detail later in our article. The basis for the simple site plan is first of all the field map. This includes legally secure additions, in particular:

  • owner of the property
  • Land area
  • Land register sheet
  • Reference to possible construction loads

What the simple site plan usually contains in a standardized way, we will go into more detail in the following section.

What does the map include?

Regardless of whether you are creating a site plan in Bavaria or a site plan in North Rhine-Westphalia, for example, the content is relatively standardized. These have to comply with the so-called building regulations, which in turn can be slightly different in each federal state. Nevertheless, there are some facts and figures that must be presented nationwide on the site plan, namely:

  • Size of the building plot
  • elevation of the building site
  • Designation of the building plot
  • Information about the owner
  • Location of the property to the north
  • parcel number
  • Parcel boundaries of the property
  • Permitted Type and Use
  • You see a sketch of the official site plan

In addition, there are some other important contents of the site plan, such as existing structures or adjacent public transport areas. Now you may be asking yourself why a site plan with all these components is necessary at all.

Why is a site plan needed?

The site plan is actually the basis and is also referred to as the first building template, so that a preliminary urban planning decision can then be issued. In other words, the site plan is a mandatory requirement for the subsequent building permit process, which is why it is often referred to as the “site plan for the building application”. A site plan is mandatory under the following conditions:

  • There is a building encumbrance on the building site
  • Exact boundaries of the property are not clear
  • There is an overbuild

In summary, the site plan is therefore required so that the subsequent building permit process can be carried out.

The needed Information

If you want to create a Site plan, you will need a range of information. It is therefore interesting to know how and where you can get this information. An important point of contact is the land register office . Official surveying documents are archived there, so that you can find information on the size and boundaries of the property here. In addition, you can of course record the terrain situation yourself in connection with the building site on site. Below are a few direct links:

  • Land register office Munich
  • Register Office Regensburg
  • Cadastre Office Berlin
  • Land Registry Hamburg
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