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So you wrote some lyrics-2

So you wrote some lyrics-2
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Make your music brighter

We discussed in the previous article how a singer can write music for his music, now we will go ahead and look at the situation where a person is a singer. To convert music into a perfect song, the singer must find a singer who is willing to collaborate and write music for the music at hand. But first and foremost, one that will make music appealing to singers and songwriters. Therefore, there may be many things a writer needs to look at in his writing.

This song must be “fit music”

As a copywriter, you should already know how to write good essays. One important piece of advice, however, is STRUCTURE. Your music will not be liked by singers and songwriters if they do not have a clear structure and style, which means Lyrics must be a song and a verse, which has some sound and sound inside words … poetry.

There are no errors

If you have spelling mistakes in your speech, that would be a clear message that you are not a professional and careless… Check your spelling!

There is no question of words

Keeping your words short just because you are too lazy to write enough words offends everyone who reads your text. Popular elements like “go”, “want” and “not” are good, especially if the tone of voice or sound is supported … It is “aint” (without apostrophe ) for example, which is not good.

Have a strong reputation

The name of the music plays a huge role in making the musicians want to write music to accompany your music. If the title is strong, interesting and has some (but small !!) implications, it may get songwriters to enthusiastically sing your song. On the other hand, a boring name that says everything about the future fear will frighten everyone with your fears.


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