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Home Business TEFL Certification: What are the Top 3 Goals for ESL Teachers?

TEFL Certification: What are the Top 3 Goals for ESL Teachers?

TEFL Certification: What are the Top 3 Goals for ESL Teachers?

A TEFL degree is a great first step for new graduates with little or no teaching experience. Many graduates see teaching abroad as an opportunity to learn a new culture, earn money, learn a language, and explore Asia, Eastern Europe, or something exotic.

The world is a big place,

so finding the right place for new graduates can be a daunting task as they look to their new future. Asia? South America? Despite all the options, there are still some common places where ESL teachers find their first job, and for good reason. Is the prize the main attraction or is it the culture that attracts the guru. Sometimes it’s a combination of the two. In this article, we’ll look at the three most common places get TESOL certificate online teachers go to find ESL teaching jobs.

Probably the most popular place for teachers who want to experience Asian culture and lifestyle. (Korea, in particular, is quickly becoming as popular as Japan.) Salaries start around ¥250,000 per month, and jobs are everywhere. Private schools, public high schools and colleges, as well as company educational institutions. The students range from preschoolers to 70-year-old retirees.

Spain gave

Another very popular destination, because fluent English helps Spaniards find better paying jobs. The salary is paid in euros and you can reduce it to 700-1000 euros per month. The project can be implemented in private and public schools at all educational levels. Some of the easiest cities to find work in are Madrid and Seville. Homework assignments are also easy to change, so teachers can earn a little money.

From France

Competition for jobs is one of the main reasons why French people want to learn English and why there are so many jobs in France. Jobs can be found in both the public and private sectors. France is more competitive than, so a TESOL online degree and experience is very helpful. The salary is paid in euros and teachers expect 1100-1500 euros per month. The cost of living is higher than in, so many teachers use private courses to make ends meet.

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