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The best social networking apps

The best social networking apps

The growth of smartphones has been phenomenal in recent years. Almost everyone now uses smartphones; If you’re reading this article, it’s entirely possible that you’re reading it on your smartphone. This growth has affected almost all industries. Social media is an industry where smartphones have had a huge impact on its growth. Growth rate plays an important role. Thanks to these smart devices, everyone is socially connected 24*7. When you come home after work, you don’t need to sit in front of a laptop or desktop computer and log into a social network to communicate with many people. Here are some social networks that have changed or influenced the lives of millions of people in one way or another:

Whatsapp messenger:

It’s not just about paying $19 billion to buy another company, and WhatsApp certainly isn’t just “another company.” Facebook recently paid 19 adults for its messaging service. WhatsApp is a cross-platform messenger that works on almost all smartphone operating systems. Along with messages, you can send pictures, sounds, videos and GPS locations in a very simple and effective way. And it’s all free (except for download costs).

How it changed life: Before we go out, we all send our best friends a “selfies” to get the final verdict on how we look. Or don’t we?

Next up is Bell.

 It is a video sharing app that allows users to create short/mini videos and share them as a stream, very similar to other social networks. It became very popular among many production houses and advertising agencies for launching teasers and Trailers. Also used in product advertisements. How it changed life: Changed the whole way we watch videos! You can watch a 6 second video for hours, right?

Instagram: This is it.

I want to dig a little deeper into the word “selfies” that I used in the section above. The Oxford Dictionary chose it as Word of the Year. That pretty much sums up the impact of social media and images on the world. instagram downloader is a major factor in promoting the word ‘selfies’. It’s a photo-sharing social network that’s easy, fast and, frankly, pretty fun. It works like any other social network; The photos you share are added to your feed, you can follow them and others will follow you. There are some preloaded filters that you can apply before sharing your photos. Online sharing is also available (Twitter, Facebook How it changed a life:


Facebook still has the most users and is the world’s largest social network. How would a social media countdown be complete without Facebook? Everyone online or internet users are on Facebook. The mobile app has all the features of the original website and is even better in some features. The app allows you to upload a picture of your coffee while you’re in a cafe, add a location, comment and tag friends you’re with. A truly perfect social media app.


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