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The Guide To Buying USDC From KuCoin

The Guide To Buying USDC From KuCoin
guide to buying USDC

KuCoin is a major cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to purchase, sell, and swap cryptocurrencies. The platform provides margin, derivatives, and P2P trading alongside traditional trading choices. Users can indeed earn incentives by staking or lending their cryptocurrency. KuCoin has lower trading costs than other of its competitors, making it an appealing alternative. Although  US consumers can open a KuCoin account, their accessibility to services is limited since KuCoin is not licensed to function within the country. KuCoin is an excellent exchange for purchasing USDC. To help you out, this post will work as a guide to buying USDC from this exchange.

The Guide To Buying USDC  From KuCoin

Customers of KuCoin may manage their accounts via an internet portal or smartphone apps for iOS and Android devices. Its computer site and smartphone apps both include a plethora of functions and features. KuCoin customers can browse markets, acquire crypto, exchange, loan crypto, and do many things after signing up with PC or smartphone devices. Futures, margin, and peer-to-peer trading are also accessible, which may be appealing to some customers. Furthermore, KuCoin enables staking and has recently included a Trading Bot function to assist ease the trading process; it effectively serves as a virtual advisor for different crypto portfolios.

First and foremost, you must possess a KuCoin account. This must be accomplished by visiting KuCoin’s site and then completing some steps. Search for the Sign Up option on KuCoin’s webpage and click it. Select if you desire to join using an email address or a smartphone number. You must provide the details for the option that you are choosing. A code will be sent by KuCoin. Create your password after entering the code. You must follow the same steps for the verification of your email. Only then, you will get the code by email. A wallet that stores USDC is necessary. 

The Security Of KuCoin

After verification, you are ready to get started. You can now choose your trading pair for USDC. KuCoin secures your identity on the exchange with 2FA. 2FA is a sort of multi-factor verification that adds an extra layer of protection to your profile. To activate it, you must give at least one additional piece of data in addition to your login credentials. Thus, the term is two-factor. 2FA is not activated as soon as you register to create an account with this exchange. However, it gets activated as you proceed and reach the final stage of account creation. 

KuCoin has a large range of virtual assets and minimal costs when opposed to other cryptocurrency exchanges. Staking, leverage, derivatives, and P2P trading are also supported, which may attract more seasoned players. Nevertheless, there are certain disadvantages to be mindful of. As I have indicated, KuCoin is not legal in the United States, and it was just hacked. Also, if you want to purchase or sell your cryptocurrency, you should first look into the wallet you’re utilizing. Rarely, even some best multi-cryptocurrency wallets 2022 are not supported correctly. To solve the issue, you can transfer your cryptos to the supported wallets. 


In this post, you have seen many things. This was a brief guide to buying USDC from KuCoin. The best wallets to store USDC can be found online. You do not need to go anywhere. Find a compatible wallet. KuCoin is a potential cryptocurrency exchange that is quickly gaining traction due to its user-friendly website and inexpensive prices. Registration, confirming your identification, and investing with KuCoin are all simple processes that can be completed in far less than an hour. If you have made it this far, you already understand how to acquire KuCoin and begin trading with USDC or other altcoins. 


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