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There Are Free Online College Biology Courses for People Interested in Nature

There Are Free Online College Biology Courses for People Interested in Nature
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Biology has always been a favorite subject of people interested in nature and its wonders. With the view in mind of accommodating hobbyists interested in learning Biological experiments or people working for their post-graduate degrees, several reputable universities are offering online college Biology classes for free.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Introductory Biology Course – is an online college biology course for undergraduates or people who want to know more about the world in DIM

Molecular Biology Course – is for people who need to take this as part of their major. This branch of Biology deals with the study of Biology at the molecular level and has to do with studying the parts of a cell and how they interact.

Cell Biology – is another free online college biology course offered and this is the branch of Biology that studies cells and the way they interact and form aggregates of larger organisms

Molecular Biology classes are also offered.

Cell Biology courses are also offered.

Developmental Biology Course – This branch of Biology studies the manner in which cells develop into larger organisms and the laws governing the transformation of species.

University of Utah

Principles of Biology – is an online college biology class which should be taken next to an Introductory Course.

Human Physiology course – this is the branch of Biology which studies the workings of the human body and the interplay between the mechanisms that keep the human body alive.

University of Massachusetts

General Biology course I – is made for enthusiasts and undergraduates.

General Biology course II – is a continuation of the first course and is still basic enough to be understood by non-professionals.

University of California, Berkely

General Biology is offered.

General Biology Laboratory – is entirely a practical course.

General Biology Lecture – is entirely a theoretical course.

As you can very well see, the institutions offering online courses are fully accredited and respectable schools. There should be no reason to have any misgivings about the quality and accuracy of the information they have to offer.

Among the conveniences you stand to enjoy by taking online college courses is that you won’t need to budge from your room to attend classes. You can select a schedule that will not conflict with your other duties during the day. You can choose the pace at which you learn. This means that you can go a little slower in order to appreciate better the meaning of the knowledge that you have received. The cost of registration into an online course will be less than for a live classroom. This is because you won’t have to pay any miscellaneous fees for the use of school facilities and equipment.

To start with, when you begin equipping a molecular biology lab, you need the usual test tubes, beakers, desiccators, pipettes with fillers, and flasks, together with all the necessary clamps, stoppers, frames and supports.

The basic furniture will need to consist of sufficient worktop space,

 Computer station/s, chemical and biological storage cabinets, possibly a filtered, controlled environment (heating & cooling, and humidity control). In some cases access control, a gray room and clean room conditions may even be necessary.

Since this branch of science deals with organic materials from living cell tissues, it stands to reason that temperatures are critical. Most laboratories use refrigerators and freezers, and sometimes surface mounted refrigeration units. Some procedures may require temperatures to be reduced to as low as -86A deg. C.

Centrifuges and micro centrifuges may need to stand on refrigerated and unrefrigerated tabletops for different purposes.

The heating devices may include a microwave, Bunsen burners, and/or hot plates.

There are a number of calibrated and measurement devices, apart from the glassware, that will be needed in a laboratory, such as certain plastic ware, micro balances and scales, pH meters, moisture meters and thermometers.

Microscopes or electron microscopes appropriate to the research being done, together with camera port and link to computer. These are a part of every laboratory.

There is a large number of apparatus and equipment generally considered essential for a molecular biology laboratory. Tissue processing for DNA identification is often an important part of molecular biology and many processes require the equipment for this, depending on the extent of DNA study and genomics. Here is some of the general apparatus likely to be needed:

  • CO2 incubator for cell cultures.
  • Vacuum pumps.
  • Liquid nitrogen tank.
  • Water bath.
  • Magnetic stirrer.
  • Spectrophotometer.
  • Chromatograph.
  • Vortex rotators and platform shakers.
  • Autoclaves and sterilizers.
  • Electrophoresis chamber and gel casting and documentation chamber.
  • UV Tran illuminator.
  • Gradient and standard the

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