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Home Business This is how I learned about SEO and how it continues to improve sales on all my websites.

This is how I learned about SEO and how it continues to improve sales on all my websites.

This is how I learned about SEO and how it continues to improve sales on all my websites.

For most, there are many webmasters who have not learned or heard about this topic, which if you are one of them, is usually the technique that brings search engines to your web pages. But it scores high.

Ideally, one of my businesses first needed a large number of internet customers when I bought my holiday home in Whit by, North Yorkshire. The cottage cost me less than £200,000 in the UK in 2007 and unfortunately I had to take out a huge mortgage to get the property! I love Whit by and use the cottage myself, but it’s mainly business as unfortunately I’m not personally on the UK rich list. I had to book as many vacations as possible to pay off the mortgage.

I started with Google Ad Words, which is a great and fast service

, but expensive in the long run if it’s your primary way of getting customers to your site.

At this point, I can jump right in and say that the end results of my applied SEO research and vacation website efforts have resulted in nearly 100% bookings for the entire year, all online. This is because Endeavor Cottage is very close to the top of most search engines including Google as Whit by Holiday Cottage.

Okay, that’s nice of me, but I wonder why so many people who have a website and are generally valuable value their customers as much as they read their web pages. It looks like they don’t care as much as I do?

All you have to do is search the Internet under this vacation rental category to find many vacation rentals, inns, and hotels (usually with attractive websites) that are beautifully designed but without SEO. This is why their website ranks high in search engine rankings because the best customers come from the internet.

Well, some may think that the lack of vacation rental occupancy

 is because at the time of writing (August 2009) we are in the midst of the worst recession in many years, but I don’t think so. Properly. This is definitely not the case with my cabin and some other highly advertised cabins I’ve seen. According to the news, there is a lot of evidence that people are taking longer than usual holidays in the UK, mainly because the pound is weaker against the euro and also because holidays are shorter closer to home. Both. Perhaps companies are somewhat struggling because of the Catch 22 situation. Less money means less marketing, less customers, less money. But I believe that if they invest a little money in their websites, especially seocottage, the return will outweigh the cost.

I can personally attest to this on the various websites

 of my company and especially on the holiday website. I think the price of the cabin is very reasonable, and fortunately, according to the guestbook, so are my customers’ opinions. But I have many similar cabins that are evenly priced and have very few bookings. It costs them literally hundreds of pounds a week and thousands more a year.


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