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Types of Web Hosting Services

Types of Web Hosting Services

In the current situation many people are choosing Share Hosting Services due to lack of knowledge. Shared Hosting seems to be the best option for everyone as it is the cheapest option available in the market. In the current situation we have to go for cheaper options but we have to maintain the quality of services. In the meantime there are other options for refurbishing that are less expensive but safer and more reliable.

So, here are some available types of web hosting services:

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • Dedicated server
  • Co-location Server Hosting
  • Virtual Dedicated Server
  • Managed Web Hosting
  • Receiving the grid
  • Exchange Hosting
  • Business Email Hosting
  • All these hosting can be done on two different hosting platforms.
  • Linux or Unix Operating System
  • Windows Server Operating System

Shared Web Hosting

It is the most popular website Minecraft hosting in the world today. With this type of hosting there are many sites hosted on the same server which is usually managed by a different company. Customers using these services have blocked access to their servers. They only host websites and usually do not use custom web applications. This type of hosting is best suited for small websites. Although it is the most popular method of hosting that comes with some obstacles, if a site is not the source of the work such as spamming, or some other bad activity, all other customers are affected a lot. . . . So many choose to go for some hosting service like Virtual Dedicated hosting.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server or Dedicated Hosting, is an alternative but reliable type of hosting services, in which the customer rents the entire server and not a shared one. This is more reliable and flexible than any other hosting services, as the customer has full control, even when choosing the hardware, connection configuration, software and operating system. Customers usually monitor such a server on their end or get an extension from the manufacturer to monitor and update the time. This service has been used by medium or large companies or clients, many of whom have high traffic to their websites.

Co-location Hosting

There are data centers around the world that offer co-location web hosting solutions where you buy your hardware and software and they just give you the systems to host your server on their premises, they are responsible for network uptime and power uptime, even. some companies offer co-location servers for an additional fee. With co-location the monthly costs are small and reliable, the security is equal to Dedicated Hosting. Co-location is coming with its advantage but it is not fully used for simple web pages, it is good for important online application. It is very popular among large companies and large websites and online applications.

Virtual Dedicated

VDS (virtual dedicated server) is also a popular type of hosting, for companies that offer VDS on a dedicated server as it is cheaper for them as well as customers. Clients usually transfer their growing websites to VDS then to a dedicated server. VDS virtual servers use the same server resources but have dedicated server capacity. Better than shared hosting but less than Dedicated hosting, the client prefers it for growing websites.

Managed Servers

There are two types of hospitality: committed and involuntary. Managed hosting is another type of dedicated hosting service in which the hosting company manages a dedicated server as an extension, it is better to opt for a managed dedicated server than an unmanaged server. Hosting companies manage many servers and have a lot of experience in running your server properly so it is better to buy a managed web site.

Grid Adoption

I am playing on demand. This is a site that starts small but grows over time, with this type of hosting your host responds to your needs, increases the resources of your account when you need it, you can return and worry without respect book up to the grid and any time it doesn’t work. or abuse bandwidth beyond the limit or suspended account message. You will get a grid(group) hosting source when the post server is down the storage server starts working, so you can expect more than 99.9% uptime.


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