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Wall frame – Wall frame hardware installation

Wall frame – Wall frame hardware installation

Here are some tips for attaching a picture frame to a wall frame.

There are actually two main steps in installing wall frame hardware. First you need to choose the right wall frame for the frame you want to hang. Second, you need to place the hardware in the correct position in the picture frame. Although it is very simple, it can be complicated. So here are some tips for installing picture frame hardware on a wall frame.

Use the right photo frame setting

If it’s a nice, ready-made picture frame up to 11×14 inches, it usually comes with picture framing hardware. If it doesn’t come with hardware, a saw tooth hanger or two loop hooks will solve the problem. You can find these products at your local hardware store.

If the wall frame is smaller than 11×14 inches, you should use toothed hangers because they are relatively easy to install. Saw hangers come in different sizes, so if your wall frames is smaller than 8×10, a small or medium saw hanger will work well. Larger frames like 11×14 or 8×10 require larger saw tooth hangers. Eye hooks are best for heavy frames or large picture frames because they can handle the extra weight or size better than saw tooth hangers. Eye hooks are a bit more difficult to install as they require a lot of effort and a few extra steps.

Decide how you want to hang the frame

Determine the direction you want to hang the wall frame and start installing the right picture frame. Use a saw tooth to make sure it is straight and centered (otherwise it will be difficult to hang the frame on the wall). Measure the width of the frame, then divide the measurement in half to find the dead center of the saw tooth. A small level helps you check that the hanger is vertical.

Instead, loop hooks are placed in the wooden frame of the frame, which better support the weight of the frame. To attach the eye hooks, these two hooks must be screwed and twisted. Before you screw them on, decide where you want to place the eyelet hooks. Place the pencil marks on the screws before you start. The hooks are intended to be screwed to the right and left side of the frame. Measure 1/3 of the sides of the frame from top to bottom and mark them – this is where the eye hooks come in. If you hit the spots well, do the previous drill and then screw the eye hooks. Thread the yarn through, keeping the eye hooks in place. Make sure the hooks are even and use the correct length of wire to position the wall frame perfectly on the wall. Be sure to leave some slack in the cord – lacing it up won’t point it directly at the wall.

Installing picture framing hardware on

 These wall frames can seem a bit tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s really easy. If you’re not sure, ask your framer to do the job for you the first time. Then you can try it yourself next time. Autumn is a writer from Lockwood and enjoys framing pictures, hiking and photography.

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