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What Are the Reasons for the Roof to Turn Black?


Know the reasons why the roof at your home could turn blackish and understand the remedies.

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As a homeowner, you would be conscious about maintaining your property and the focus can always fall on the roof. The reason is that no other part of the home is directly exposed to nature. The roof is, therefore, a focus area and one can get professional inspections done for the structure. Now, you could also stand on the driveway to make occasional checks of the roof. A concern could arise if one fine day you come across black spots on your roof.    As you take a look around, one might find that the roof is turning black all over the place and that is a cause for concern. You would be eager to repair the damage quickly because if left alone, the problem will only grow.  If ever you are faced with such a situation, you will be desperate to seek repair work, but there is also a need to understand the reasons for damage. This way you will be able to take preventive measures so that the situation does not repeat. Here are the details for readers in brief.   

The roofing shingles could be at fault

  This could be the first reason why there are black spots on your roof. It just could be that you do not have the best asphalt shingles on your roof. The manufacturers of your current shingles may have compromised a bit on quality to save money. The inclusion of fiberglass and limestone in the shingles could lead to such a state. These materials help in algae growth and so the key will be to think of a shingle replacement. Your new shingle should have a significantly lower amount of limestone. This will help you to remove the black spots from the roof.   

Is your home in a high moisture zone? 

  Another reason why your roof may have black spots is that the home may be located in a high moisture zone. This problem is common for roofs in California homes because of their proximity to the coast. You perhaps cannot prevent the damage, but the key will be to take quick action for repairs, whenever it is necessary. You must conduct constant checks standing on the driveway and if you ever notice these black spots, it is better to quickly call a roofing company to do the cleaning or repair work.   

The lack of cleaning of the roof

  This could be the third reason why your roof may have black spots. You must realize that algae spores are airborne and there is not much that a homeowner can do as a preventive measure. The good old cleaning of the roof can be the best course of remedial measure. It is risky for you to climb up and do the cleaning. The wrong placement of the ladder can be fatal for you and so it is better to book a professional service to clean your roof. A professional roofer will offer comprehensive cleaning solutions and can use anything from oxygen bleach to chlorine bleach to remove the spots, there might even apply some pressure washing to remove the black spots.   

Your roof may not be adequately protected

  There is always the possibility that your roof is not adequately protected and that has led to the formation of black spots. A professional roofer will offer meaningful solutions here such as applying copper or zinc strips beneath the shingles. This can be an impactful protective measure against such damage.   


  These are some reasons why the roof at your home may turn black and one can always seek a residential roofing estimate by Dan Roofing in Culver City for the repairs. You will need professional help with the cleaning and repairs. They are the best roofing company at your place in Culver City to do the repairs.


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