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What is digital marketing?

What is digital marketing?

Those who face the hassle of intercepting the digital marketing with digital marketing to first of all hold in idea the first steps to be taken from a basically strategic factor of view. Although it is geographically far-off and culturally very specific from us, China these days represents a market of nearly countless possible and for this because it is fundamental to be capable to attain it the use of the proper digital marketing and marketing tools.

The profound revision of its company approach and the actual perception of the goal market characterize the first step to take. Knowing the tastes and expectations of digital marketing consumers, understanding which equipment they use to discover them and favoring their buy strategies are the ones that will follow.

Let’s begin with some preliminary data:

Internet penetration in China these days is nevertheless solely 50%

The latter determine is relatively fascinating due to the fact it presents a thought of ​​the magnitude anticipated for the years to come: the doable for spreading the digital marketing is in truth nevertheless booming.

Now let’s discuss about extra sensible questions: what are the advertising channels to refer to in order to amplify your market to China? In everyday terms, these are search engines, ecommerce systems and social media. However, the giants of these sectors are no longer the ones we recognize about.

In China, the most used search engine is no longer Google however Baidu (75% of on-line queries), whilst the massive G collects solely 1.7% of searches and, as a rule, is used with the aid of foreigners residing in China


It goes barring pronouncing that any digital marketing content material meant for the market consequently be calibrated, structured and optimized for these platforms, and declined in the nearby language.

As for social networks and instantaneous messaging structures, it is additionally essential to take into account that in China Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp are now not used or, at least, no longer mainly. On the contrary, nearly the whole market “pie” is destined for extraordinarily superior nearby platforms, the important ones of which are:

Weibo: it is a kind of combine between the most usual western social networks (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) and is broadly used with the aid of companies, groups and even digital marketing who desire to interface at once with their goal audience. It additionally permits the introduction of microblogs, surveys and sharing of multimedia content material thru instead superior functions, as nicely as the use of actual time news.

Digital marketing born as a messaging platform, it now boasts very superior and progressive features that enable reservations for a number services, the opportunity of following authentic company pages, cash transfers, offline and on-line repayments and a great deal more. Particular interest needs to then be paid to ecommerce in China, which has been the first in the world for this zone given that 2013: to date, one digital marketing out of two visits and buys at on-line shops at least as soon as a month.

Again, we won’t have to refer to the most famous systems in the West as to:

Finally, some realistic advice. To enlarge in China, a sequence of cultural and social elements will want to be re-evaluated.


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