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Why Is GIIS The Topmost Institution Among The Other International Schools In Bangalore?

Why Is GIIS The Topmost Institution Among The Other International Schools In Bangalore?

The top CBSE international schools in Bangalore offer students from all backgrounds a top-notch education. An institution succeeds because it prioritises the interests of all the participants in its society, not because it competes for the top spot. 

Since its founding in Singapore in 2002, the Global Indian International School has been a trailblazer for improved educational performance. 

GIIS has changed the face of modern education in addition to opening 22 schools in various Asian nations by developing strong frameworks and well-researched pedagogical approaches to address the needs of a child’s emotional, psychological, and physical development.

Before you ask, which Bangalore school has the best reputation, you might wish to know what education’s genuine worth is.

A good school pays attention to, interacts with, and reacts to its students; it recognises the value of fostering moral character in every kid; and it works assiduously to accomplish its goals. 

Using a contemporary and pragmatic approach, GIIS has been continually reimagining long-standing social customs, and it has been effective in developing new leaders and responsible citizens from among its students.

Let us examine some of the most important virtues taught at GIIS and how students learn them

1. Self-belief and self-assurance

Confidence is the best gift you can give to a child. With this as our guiding principle, we work to provide a setting where kids have the freedom to self-initiate and try things in order to develop self-awareness.

Program Global Montessori Plus (GMP): The GMP curriculum is a Montessori curriculum that has been carefully developed. Pre-schoolers are at a developmental stage where they are highly susceptible to learning new things and assimilating information. 

And a child’s first five years are the most important because they more or less determine their character traits and dietary habits for the rest of their lives. The Montessori programme offers the ideal framework for kids to realise their greatest potential in light of this. 

It supports self-initiated learning by enabling individuals to select an activity of interest and fully explore it.

By adhering to the Montessori curriculum of correctly utilising and treating objects and activities, it promotes discipline and respect for the environment.

It promotes self-discovery and gives the youngster confidence in their decision-making abilities. A youngster is only interrupted and led when they require assistance.

2. Holistic approach 

In addition, GIIS employs the GMP method’s five pillars, which emphasise laying a solid foundation for early academic skills like numeracy, speech, language, and literacy. Each child’s intrinsic qualities and talents are identified, and via exploration activities like field trips, special events, and talent displays, they are developed even further. It places a focus on play activities where kids have the chance to connect and play with each other in order to meet the child’s physical, socioemotional, and cognitive requirements. It introduces kids to ideas like environmental protection and the value of volunteering in the community to foster empathy and social awareness. Additionally, it prepares students for cutting-edge teaching techniques and equips them with the abilities to adapt to a technologically evolved world.

3. Critical thinking skills and a passion for problem-solving

A youngster should be taught the proper set of survival skills because the world is full of complexities and difficulties. This will help them fit in and happily accept responsibility. You might wonder, “What are survival skills?” Here, we are not talking about the physical side of survival, but rather the abilities that help you survive in a contemporary setting where technology, forward-thinking ideas, and self-assurance are important.

9GEMS, a proprietary GIIS methodology

What advantages do 9GEMS programme offer?

The 9 GEMS is a dynamic framework that GIIS uses to foster the development of students’ whole character in an integrated learning setting. This framework is applicable to all GIIS students, from young pre-schoolers through those in grades 11 and 12.

  • The Primary GEM

Academic excellence is the emphasis of the first and most important GEM. The creative learning strategies that the platform employs are the reason that GIIS’s framework has been successful in producing the best exam outcomes. 

Due to the supportive environment created by virtual labs and other technological amenities inside the classroom, children at GIIS enjoy learning new academic ideas at its Next-Gen Campus. 

Children typically prefer using the newest technology and apps to acquire their academic material, so when these tools are made available to them on the school grounds, it sparks interest and engagement. 

To assess students’ progress and identify potential areas for improvement, GIIS also employs cutting-edge approaches of the finest quality, such as data analytics. These excellent practises simplify the situation and provide the teacher with a clear view on the next course of action. 

The project-based learning encourages students to take the appropriate initiative to pursue and present these topics in front of the class. The lessons are very interactive between the teacher and the students.

  • Other significant “character development” GEMS

Sports Excellence, Visual and Performing Arts, Personality Development, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, Innovation and Creativity, Universal Values and Ethics, Community and Care, and Skills Development are some of the other GEMS.

All these GEMS work to modify students’ perspectives and teach them the fundamental principles of being a good citizen. Since community service is a requirement for graduation, it naturally instils important values like empathy, accountability, and social awareness.


The Global Indian International School can be the ideal CBSE international school in Bangalore for your child while deciding which school in Bangalore to send them to. In addition, despite the sophisticated amenities it offers, it has a fair fee structure that is affordable and well worth your money.


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