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Why You Should Choose Chinese Tarpaulins for Your Next Project

Why You Should Choose Chinese Tarpaulins for Your Next Project
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The quality of the tarpaulins that you use will play an integral part in the success of your business. For example, your tarpaulins need to be of high quality if you want them to provide adequate shelter for people and goods during an emergency situation or if you’re selling them as temporary coverings for outdoor events such as festivals and marathons. The best way to ensure that your tarpaulins are the best value for money possible is to choose Chinese tarpaulins. Here’s why. [LINK TO BLOG POST]

What are tarpaulins?

A tarp is a piece of waterproof or water-resistant fabric used to cover or protect objects. They’re ideal for covering items like machinery, small boats, cars, or even children’s playgrounds. Tarpaulin fabrics come in a wide variety of colors and thicknesses. The most common type used by professionals around the world is made from woven polyethylene fibers (PE) and are known as Polyethylene Tarps. This type of tarp is extremely durable and can be designed with printing to meet your business needs. Keep reading to find out more!

Where are they made?

At Unisign, we manufacture both of our tarpaulins here in China. With decades of experience and a network of manufacturing partners, we ensure a high level of quality at prices lower than anywhere else in Asia. Our partner factories are inspected every year to make sure they meet our standards for best-in-class equipment and processes, as well as rigorous environmental protection regulations. We offer some of the most competitive 550 gsm tarpaulin price around! If you’re looking for your next big project or simply want to replace your old tent, give us a call today!

What makes them so great?

UNISIGN tarpaulins are a great option because they’re made from 550 gsm high-density polyethylene terephthalate (PET) material, which is UV and water resistant. UNISIGN also has an incredible design range that includes additional features such as privacy curtains. In fact, their standard hardware package comes with Velcro to secure it all in place! All of these factors combined means that you won’t find a better value for money than with UNISIGN tarpaulin products. The company also offer installation services on top of everything else—allowing them to become your one stop shop for getting things done. When you need something done fast and at a competitive price, turn to UNISIGN’s professional team! They can help guide you through every step along your project’s way. UNISIGN supply different kinds of tarps: high density plastic tarps; boat tarps; construction tarps; advertising tarps; truck tarps; industrial tarps and more!

The benefits of using PVC, Polyester or Cotton Tarps

While you might automatically assume that most tarpaulins are made of 100% PVC, and while they’re not exactly an endangered species, they’re certainly not as ubiquitous as they used to be. In fact, many Chinese manufacturers have become savvy to marketing strategies in recent years; as a result, many now offer their clients a range of options. For example, when it comes to tarps produced in China, you can choose from both cotton and polyester—and even 550 gsm tarpaulin price! Needless to say, choosing one material over another can save you significant sums of money.


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