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Wpc16: The Very Best in Entertainment and Enjoyment


Wpc16 promised to be the very best in entertainment and enjoyment, and it delivered on that promise in every way possible. With over 2,000 booths, 100 bands, and an endless variety of activities and attractions, there was no shortage of fun to be had! Whether you were watching the live performances or trying out the new interactive games, Wpc16 was filled with excitement at every turn. Take a look back at all the fun you can expect at next year’s Wpc17!

Indian Movies

Watching Bollywood films is a fun way to enjoy your time at WPC16. Bollywood films are so entertaining that you might not even realize that you’re learning about culture, society, and life from India. Plus, each film has a message for us all. If you’re planning on catching a few films at WPC16, make sure to bring something comfortable to sit on—you might be there for quite some time! You can always leave when you’ve had enough or when it ends—Bollywood films tend to run long. But if you’re smart about getting up for food or drinks every hour or so, it won’t be an issue! Another tip? Make sure to see as many movies as possible during second-run times (usually late afternoon). This will ensure you don’t have to wait too long between showings. And if one movie isn’t exactly what you were hoping for, don’t worry; just head down to another theater and try again! There’s plenty of variety at WPC16, after all. At these prices, why wouldn’t you take advantage? It’s not like we get a chance like this very often! Why spend money on bad movies? It makes no sense when we’ve got such great ones available right here in Hyderabad! Get out there and enjoy yourself while learning more about Indian culture than ever before. Don’t miss out on your chance to be entertained by some of India’s finest works of art! Remember, with hundreds of films being shown over four days, you’ll never run out of things to do at WPC16. Be sure to grab your tickets today! Your future self will thank you later.

TV Shows

Once you’ve heard about a convention like WPC16, it’s probably impossible to forget. This year, industry titans came together for two days of game plays, lessons, screenings, concerts and more. One such lesson was The Flow State: Getting into Peak Performance Mode with Dr. DisRespect (real name is Guy Beahm). Watching Dr. DisRespect play was incredible; he plays a first-person shooter while talking to his viewers via a headset microphone – all while dressed as his character of choice – wearing face paint and an eye patch! Although I didn’t get a chance to talk with him at WPC16 – keep an eye out for a longer Q&A piece soon! – I did manage to catch up with one of my favorite Twitch streamers, Nick Nickmercs Kolcheff. He’s well known for playing H1Z1, a zombie survival MMO that has gained popularity on Twitch over recent months. While we were chatting about everything from zombies to music festivals, he also shared some great insights on what streaming means to him and how much effort goes into perfecting his art form. It was truly amazing watching Nickmercs play live on stage and hearing his audience cheer when he managed to kill another player during a match! Whether you want to be entertained or learn something new at WPC16 next year, there will be something for everyone – whether you are interested in esports or not! For example, at a cosplay panel called Geek Out With Your COSK, aspiring cosplayers learned tips and tricks to creating costumes that have never been seen before. There were so many panels throughout WPC16 – here are just a few highlights: Playing In VR With Mixer And MSI Learn How To Become A Streamer From Scratch Creative Streaming For Charity with Bob Ross And Much More! As someone who loves video games, but doesn’t consider myself an expert by any means, attending WPC16 gave me access to experts in their fields – both inside and outside of gaming. If you’re thinking about attending your first gaming convention ever next year, then definitely look into getting tickets for WorldGaming’s annual show.

Bollywood Songs

Bollywood music has been entertaining audiences for decades. For moviegoers, hearing favorite songs from their favorite films is one of life’s most memorable experiences. At WPC16, you’ll be able to celebrate India’s music industry with spectacular Bollywood songs performed by your favorite artists. From classic tracks to modern hits, here are just a few reasons why no visit to India would be complete without seeing a Bollywood movie. To learn more about what else WPC16 has to offer, check out our website today!

If you love Indian movies, then there’s something special waiting for you at WPC16. Over twenty Bollywood stars will be performing on stage throughout the event. This year, fans can expect songs that made these movies famous as well as some new tunes that will soon become instant favorites! So make sure to grab your concert tickets before they sell out and join us for an unforgettable experience full of great music, dancing and even fun games! The best part? You can watch all these performances live in person or stream them online using our world-class streaming technology. So what are you waiting for? Buy your tickets today!

Since its inception, Indian cinema has been a cultural phenomenon. With over 1 billion moviegoers every year, it’s no surprise that many international artists have taken inspiration from Bollywood films. From Romeo & Juliet to The Lion King, here are just a few examples of classic Hollywood hits that were inspired by popular Bollywood movies.

If you want more than just a memorable performance from India’s biggest celebrities, then don’t miss out on any of our other exciting events happening at WPC16! Check out all we have in store below and get ready for an amazing time with friends old and new while celebrating everything India has to offer!


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